The Global Studies Center at the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait conducts and supports research on cross-national topics. It examines political, economic, social, and cultural matters from a global perspective. We organize seminars, invite researchers, and publish a bi-annual newsletter.  The Arabian Gulf region is not the only focus of our research. We are happy to function as partners for any kind of academic event. For all matters contact us at [email protected]

The annual meeting of the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies will be held at GUST in 2025, co-organized by the Global Studies Center. 

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Videos of recorded past lectures are available:
Pete Moore: Kuwaiti Politics, Merchants, and the Shaping of Middle East Studies May 7 2023 (Passcode: j$QynQ=9)
Wokeism conference (Feb. 2023)
Giannis Stamatellos: The Arabic Plotinus (Passcode: UN?Rjlg3)
Emily Goshey: African American Muslim Communities
Olivier Hanne: Translations of the Quran in Europe
Philippe Lane: France's Cultural Diplomacy